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Tencel Modal Fabrics Manufacturers

Feels so right: TENCELTM
TENCELM is Lenzing's flagship brand for textiles. Used for a variety of highly specialized applications, the benefits of TENCEL fibers can be discerned instantly:
Soft to the skin, smooth to the touch, luxurious in shine and fly they caress the senses. And convince minds with their exceptional capacity for thermal regulation and moisture absorption.
Breathe freely with TENCELTM
One of the outstanding qualities of TENCELT fibers is the ability to enhance breathability. The smooth fiber surface absorbs and releases moisture efficiently therefore supporting the body's natural thermal regulation.
Show your true colors with TENCELTM
Impressively vibrant colors that don't fade over time: That's a piece of cake with TENCELIM fibers. The smooth surface of TENCELIM Lyocell fibers allows color dyes to penetrate deeply into the fiber structure, resulting in impressive color brilliance. The possibility of dyeing our TENCELTM Modal fibers during the fiber production process means garments made with these fibers are less prone to fade, even after repeated washing.
Wujiang Liufu Textile Co., Ltd.

About Us

Wujiang Liufu Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with more than ten years of focus on natural and sustainable fashion fabric research and development, production, and sales. We are Custom Tencel Lyocell Fabrics Suppliers and China OEM Tencel Modal Fabrics Manufacturers.

We are committed to the development and innovation of high-end fashion women's fabrics. In the development and innovation and maintain high enthusiasm. Strive to "quality is the life of the company, customers are the soul of the company". To win with quality, let customers favor is our goal.

The company has development, design, specifications, process research and development, weaving, digital, finished goods, spot sales, such as a skilled process, efforts to make fashion fabrics within easy reach of environmental ecology, from the sustainable development of forest wood, full traceability from the tree to the finished product, the product can be for some time after abandoned natural degradation, by high standards of safety, society, and the environment.



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Tencel Industry knowledge

What advanced production equipment and technologies does Wujiang Liufu Textile Co., Ltd. use to manufacture Tencel Modal fabrics?

1. Advanced production equipment
High-precision looms: Wujiang Liufu Textile Co., Ltd. has introduced internationally advanced high-precision looms, which can ensure the accuracy and consistency of Tencel Modal Fabrics weaving. The high-precision looms are equipped with advanced control systems that can fine-tune the tension and position of each yarn, thereby ensuring the delicate texture and uniform structure of Tencel Modal fabrics.
Fully automated dyeing and finishing lines: In order to improve production efficiency and product quality, the company uses fully automated dyeing and finishing lines. The fully automated dyeing and finishing line integrates advanced control systems and sensors to achieve full automation of processes from dyeing, rinsing, drying to shaping. This means that during the dyeing and finishing process, the machine can automatically complete all steps without human intervention. The fully automated dyeing and finishing line uses advanced control algorithms and sensor technology to accurately control key parameters such as temperature, concentration, and speed. This ensures the uniformity of dyeing and finishing and avoids product quality problems caused by human operation errors. Compared with traditional manual or semi-automatic dyeing and finishing lines, fully automated dyeing and finishing lines have higher production efficiency and lower energy consumption. It can quickly adjust production parameters as needed to achieve fast color change and efficient production.
Environmental protection and energy-saving equipment: Today, when environmental protection is becoming more and more the focus, Wujiang Liufu Textile Co., Ltd. actively introduces environmental protection and energy-saving equipment, such as low-energy dryers and energy-saving dyeing machines, aiming to reduce energy consumption and waste emissions in the production process and achieve green production.

2. Innovative production technology
Digital production technology: Digital production refers to the simulation of product design and function and prototype manufacturing through the support of virtual reality, computer networks, rapid prototyping, databases and multimedia technologies under the background of the integration of digital technology and manufacturing technology. Digital production is the result of the intersection, integration, development and application of manufacturing technology, computer technology, network technology and management science. It is also the inevitable trend for manufacturing enterprises, manufacturing systems and production processes and production systems to continuously realize digitalization. Digital technology enables factories and enterprises to realize automated control of production processes and intelligently process and analyze large amounts of data, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing the waste of human resources. With digital technology, companies can customize production according to customer needs, saving time and resources, and responding to market needs and changes more quickly.
Nanotechnology treatment: In order to improve the performance of Tencel Modal fabrics, the company uses nanotechnology to post-treat the fabrics. Nanotechnology can give fabrics better waterproof, anti-fouling and antibacterial functions while maintaining the softness and breathability of the fabrics.
Unique weaving process: The company ensures the delicate texture and uniform structure of Tencel Modal fabrics by carefully adjusting the warp and weft density. The appropriate warp and weft density helps the fabric to increase its durability and stretch resistance while maintaining its softness. In terms of yarn combination, Wujiang Liufu Textile has made bold innovations, using different proportions and combinations of Tencel Modal fibers blended with other fibers. This innovative yarn combination method allows the fabric to increase the diversity and functionality of the fabric while maintaining the comfort and environmental protection of Tencel Modal fibers. The company uses a variety of weaving methods, such as plain, twill, satin, etc., to meet the needs of different customers for the appearance and performance of fabrics. These diverse weaving methods make Tencel Modal fabrics light and soft while also having rich layering and visual effects.

3. Strict quality control
The company has established a complete quality control system. From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, each process is strictly inspected. By introducing advanced testing equipment and methods, such as using high-definition cameras to detect the surface of fabrics, using spectrometers to test the color fastness and chemical composition of fabrics, we ensure that each product meets international standards and customer requirements.