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Linen is a woven fabric made from the fibers of flax plants
Linen’s enduring history parallels the durability of the fibers themselves, the only fiber that is stronger wet than dry. lt is prized for its lightweight, cool feel even in hot weather, and people also tend to like its crisp, professional look. In many cases, it will wick away sweat and humidity, and it is typically lint-free and repels dirt and dust, too.
Flax fibers are also very durable, which makes the fabric strong without causing it to feel rough.
It does stretch and is resistant to abrasion
Can withstand high temperatures with only moderate initial shrinkage
Wujiang Liufu Textile Co., Ltd.

About Us

Wujiang Liufu Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with more than ten years of focus on natural and sustainable fashion fabric research and development, production, and sales.

We are committed to the development and innovation of high-end fashion women's fabrics. In the development and innovation and maintain high enthusiasm. Strive to "quality is the life of the company, customers are the soul of the company". To win with quality, let customers favor is our goal.

The company has development, design, specifications, process research and development, weaving, digital, finished goods, spot sales, such as a skilled process, efforts to make fashion fabrics within easy reach of environmental ecology, from the sustainable development of forest wood, full traceability from the tree to the finished product, the product can be for some time after abandoned natural degradation, by high standards of safety, society, and the environment.



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